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Seeking Support or Personal Development 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, hopeless or lacking joy; like your emotions are uncontrollable or that they do not match with reality; that your worry is getting out of hand or that there is no longer any point, then it might be a good time to seek some support. 

We are social creatures, and despite what our modern society might have us believe, we all need human connection to function. Seeking support is a huge sign of strength – the strength to actually reach out and let someone in, in order to start the healing process. 

If you can relate to this or the below questions, or if you have set yourself a personal development goal that you are finding difficult to realise, please reach out to discuss, and we can go from there.


Do I need Therapy?

Life's challenges come at us in all different shapes and forms. Unfortunately, sometimes, the more we struggle, the more we disengage from others and from looking after ourselves. Asking for help can feel like the last priority when we are caught up in the drag of dysfunction, but in reality it is often the hardest and best step we can take. 


Therapy is a form of self-care - a way to become healthy again and an investment into your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


Here are a few introspective questions to think about when considering if counselling is right for you:

Have I had difficulty being myself lately?

Does it seem like day-to-day life is getting harder?

Have I lost the ability to connect on a deeper level with others?

Is there something important that is happening or has recently happened in my life that I am struggling with?

Do I feel like I am worrying more often and that my thoughts are becoming more irrational?

Am I struggling with a habit or behaviour that is causing myself or others pain?

Do I spend time comparing myself to others and facing feelings of inadequacy?

Have those around me expressed worry or concern?

Do I feel like I am repeating unhealthy situations over and over again?


If you feel that answer to any of the above is yes, please get in touch and we can go from there.

Do you need therapy
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